GREAT INVESTMENTS We take the hassle out of property search in Portugal
GREAT INVESTMENTS We take the hassle out of property search in Portugal
GREAT INVESTMENTS We take the hassle out of property search in Portugal
GREAT INVESTMENTS We take the hassle out of property search in Portugal

Why use only one agency when you can have them all. Let us do the legwork for you

We consult directly with property owners, top developers and current listings from over 2000 credible licensed realtors

We serve worldwide clients and have particularly strong relationships with UK and US investors interested in Portugal.  We understand our clients culture, needs and expectations and you will always deal with proficient english speaking persons for all your needs. Our focus is to find you the right property according to your objectives and budget. Why commit to one agency when you can have them all screened and filtered for only your exact needs. We do it all for you totally FREE when you make us your first stop in Portugal. We use the latest tools and local network to search, scan and find exactly what your looking for. Whether we find you the property or you find it yourself online, call us and we will deal with it all for you absolutely free.  Feel free to contact us anytime at or call ,SMS or add us to  your Whatsapp at +351 966 179 915 and be immediately connected to your personal agent. (Please be sure to message us if the call is not immediately answered and we will call you back ASAP). Alternatively just fill out our short contact us form anywhere on this website.

REMOTE SERVICE: We also make recommendations on reliable and affordable english speaking lawyers to sort out your residency needs such as the Golden Visa or Non Habitual Residency (NHR). We can also remotely open bank accounts, arrange tax ID numbers, bank loans and even rent out your apartment with a good yield. We can also provide assistance with all other needs regarding your life in Portugal. 

Residential Homes and Country Estates:

The Portuguese housing market is expected to remain bouyant this year, Despite the pandemic, Portugal´s demand for premium properties in desirable locations continues to outpace supply as we see the country´s popularity growing further, far and beyond.

Urban Buildings and Rehabilitation Opportunities:

Where there´s a crisis there´s always opportunity and both individual investors and major funds are already back looking to buy up more of the hundreds of older buildings for renovation and resale. The major cities still have plenty of opportunities.

Hotels, Resorts and Land Development:​

Portugal´s tourism has been hit particulary hard by COVID-19 but ambitious plans will help bring tourists back. The financial rating agency DBRS mantains that the shock of this of this pandemic will be temporary and should not result in structural changes in the tourism sector.

Commercial yield properties:​

The retail sector continous to perform well in Portugal, fueled by a growing economy and a positive trend in consumption. Opportunities continue to appear with plenty of attractive commercial yield properties still available.

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